We understand the challenges that come with living with one or multiple food allergies and are here to help. Shaped by experience and education, we advise families comprehensively on how best to take care of their children and live their lives with considerably less stress.
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For Schools:

Policy Writing and review:

Keeping all students safe and include is paramount to the health and wellbeing of the food allergic child and those around them.

  • Write and review food allergy policy that meets all state and Federal Guidelines as well as reduces food allergy parents, students, and teachers’ stress and anxiety.

We provide training for your staff in the best practices in keeping all students safely included at all stages and ages.


  • Effective and straightforward accommodations to keep all students safe and included.
  • Strategies to improve communication between staff and parents around food allergies (and other chronic illnesses).
  • Including vignettes to review and practice with during training
  • Bullying prevention of children with chronic illness (Food allergy, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.)
  • How educators can help all your students advocate for their needs (not just the food allergic ones).
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Sessions focus on issues that you are struggling with your or your child’s food allergy journey.

Expert topics include:

  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Practical food allergy management
  • Working with schools; including advocating for a 504 Plan and how to communicate effectively with teachers and staff.
  • Building confidence in your food allergy management
  • Communicating effectively so that your family, village, school, camp, coaches, and more get “it”

Finding your Tribe

Join Leah Robilotto and Deborah Dee Vicino, founder of AllerCuisine to learn who you need in your corner and how to get them there.

  • How to talk with family and friends about your child’s diagnosis
  • Building confidence in caring for your child
  • How to not only the best medical team but the right medical team for your child’s needs
  • Practical solutions for everyday living with a food allergic child
  • Retaining your sanity through it all
  • How to get schools to work with you to keep your child safe and included from day
  • How to find childcare you can trust

Registrants received printable workbook, Leah’s book, Anaphlaxis poster

We believe in the power of education to change the world. It is humbling to use our knowledge and experience to help train large and small groups on how to help keep food-allergic children and adults safe These workshops are for school leaders, PTO/PTA leaders, caregivers, coaches, and church leaders, or anyone who manages children.

All presentations are customizable to your organization and topics include:

  • Food allergy 101, recognizing and responding to an allergic reaction, including life-threatening anaphylaxis.

  • Safe and inclusive school and event planning.

  • Emergency response planning.

Are you ready to educate your community and keep all students safe and include?

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    Leah was able to help me navigate through my questions, feelings, and gave me great insight about what my boys are going through as well. I appreciate that Leah practices what she teaches and relates to you personally. I highly recommend her services as she can give you the tools you need and the confidence to feel successful throughout this journey.


    Leah’s personal drive to support other people whose children suffer from allergies is admirable and inspiring. She faces uphill battles constantly with school systems and bureaucracy, but somehow has the grace and motivation to keep her eye on the most important aspect – keeping children safe. She is thorough, smart, and efficient and is an incredibly reliable person for answers.


    Mothers of Chroniclly Ill Children who Experience Burnout
    Of Food Allergic Children are Bullied
    Food Allergic Children have Reported Symptoms of Anxiety

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