Don’t Hide from Holiday Parties

‘Tis the season to party! Food is everywhere! There is no need to miss out on the holiday fun and festivities. Just be prepared. Talk to your host before the party and let them know about your allergy and ask them if you can bring a safe dish. (See our favorite recipe below) If you are not comfortable doing that, eat beforehand and simply enjoy the company.

Don’t leave home without your epinephrine auto-injector; today and every day.

If you choose to eat at the holiday party, make sure you know what you are eating, read every label every time. Don’t trust past experiences.

Just like we need designated drivers for drinking, we also need a designated allergy person. Make sure at least one person at the party knows you have a food allergy and what to do in case of a reaction. Moms and Dads make sure your tweens and teens have this person in their life.

Just because it’s a holiday your Food Allergy Rules don’t change!

Remember why you are at the party; it is most likely to see friends and family and not for the buffet. So, take a minute to look around at the people you are celebrating the season with and reflect on the joy those people bring you.

Checkout our favorite holiday recipes.

Our go-to site for yummy allergy-friendly and easy to make recipes is AllerCusine. You haven’t lived until you tried their Flourless Chocolate Torte.

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