Finding Your Joy

During this season of holiday celebrations, manage your allergies and don’t let them hold you back from finding joy.

Research shows that those with a chronic illness such as food allergies who live a full life managing their disease in their own way are happier.
So, don’t shut yourself or your family out of the joyful holiday activities. Manage the food allergies properly to keep everyone safe, but you can still do the holiday parties, the baking and the eating out. Don’t get us wrong; there are essential health and safety things that you must do daily. Reading labels, washing hands, and keeping an auto-injector close by but get out there and make those memories with your family special.

One of those safety steps you should never forget is always carrying your auto-injector with you. Some people choose to wear it, keep it close by in a backpack or purse, hold it in a pocket, and many more creative ways. Share yours in the comments. What and how you eat and whom you tell about your allergy is all up to you.

If you feel that your allergy is taking over your life or that you have more than what we like to call healthy anxiety, reach out for help. We define “healthy anxiety” as vigilance or keeping a careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. Help can be with a professional or even reaching out to a trusted friend.

Share with us how you are finding joy this season!

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finding joy and manage allergies
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