Cleanly Consumed: Managing the Emotional Toll of Living with Food Allergies

Watch: Our Founder, Leah Robilotto talk with Kellie Cutsinger, at Cleanly Consumed about the emotional toll living with food allergies can take on families and schools.

Cleanly Consumed is an online platform dedicated towards healthy eating. Kellie describes her company in the following way:

Cleanly Consumed helps guide families to clean products and resources that can relieve some of the toxic overloads on our bodies. Getting started can be expensive, so we focus on providing discounts and the lowest prices available. Health Coaching services available for 1) Those that have a current Integrative Practitioner and 2) Those that are just getting started and need guidance from step 1!”

This episode discusses the emotional toll that food allergies can have on families. The top tip that Leah offers in this video is improving awareness.

“Advocacy starts with awareness, so I returned to graduate school to study the psychological implications of managing the effects of severe allergies on families. After working alongside food allergy professionals at Food Allergy Research & Education for over 2.5 years, I was surprised to learn about the vast amount of grants and resources available to help families and schools cope with a food allergy diagnosis.”

If you’d like to chat with Leah and see how she can help your family manage the emotional toll of food allergies, schedule an appointment today!

food allergy institute on cleanly consumed discussing the emotional toll of food allergies
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