The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your AllerTribe



  • A FREE copy of Leah’s Book – Chaos to Calm
  • FREE Copies of AllerCuisine’s Cookbooks
  • 25% off Allie’s GF Goodies (They will customize goodies to  accommodate any allergen just for our members!)
  • 25% off Bakefully Yours
  • A Sample Pack from BoCo Bars
  • 25% off The EpiCenter Case with 4 Months of Free Monitoring

Join our online course and walk away with a personalized guide that will allow you to successfully navigate the world with food allergies in a comprehensive, manageable way. Your ultimate guide to finding your AllerTribe provides you with the sound foundation you need to talk to your friends, family, medical and educational teams.  By the end of this course, you will say goodbye to stress and anxiety and will embrace your new normal with confidence.

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