What about School in the Fall?

Will my Food Allergy Kid be SAFE?

Everyone is limping across the finish line to the last day of school or is celebrating the weird end we just celebrated last week. But what about school in the Fall? Are we all going to still be doing Zoom school, working from home balancing it all. As the parent of a child with a life-threatening disease, the thought of school being completely different again can be terrifying.  We are all asking will my child be safe?

I know your biggest fear is your child going into anaphylaxis. 

The good news is every school is working on plans now. The bad news is no one even the top experts can tell us what Covid-19 is going to look like in the Fall. 

Here is what you can do now.

  1. Follow the CDC’s planning page for K-12 schools
  2. Stay in touch with your child’s medical team. You will want to have advice from your tribe of experts as to what is right for your child. Different health factors will determine what is right for your child. 
  3. Let your administrators know that you will want to have access to their updated emergency plans are, including eating arraignments, how children will have access to medical care, how staff will be responding on-site (anaphylactic) emergencies.  
  4. Ofter to be a partner in planning. As you know your child’s needs best, let your administrators know that you are available and in what capacity you can assist.

In these days of continued uncertainty, here is my best advice, do not panic over things that haven’t happened yet. My grandmother used to say, “Worrying about tomorrow gives tomorrow to much power.”

Be ready! Aas a food allergy family you do your best to prevent cross-contact, anaphylaxis, but don’t worry about things you have no control over and have not happened yet.

Be involved, be vocal, be prepared. Not scared.

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